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CT220 - Video / DVD Activator

CT220 - Video / DVD Activator

Excluding VAT

Automatic activation of domestic VCR / DVD recorders when used with Voltek PIR cameras or standalone PIR sensors. Allows the capture of CCTV footage when you are away from the property

  • Automatic activation of domestic VCR / DVD recorder
  • Record footage of events when you are away from the property 
  • Simple programming of unit using remote control of your VCR / DVD recorder
  • Adjustable record times - 1 to 99 seconds 
  • Internal sounder with adjustable volume to warn you of intruders
  • Simple push buttons and LED indicators allowing full control of the unit
  • Memory back-up feature prevents need for re-programming in the event of power loss
  •  Alarm input enabling use with other detectors
  • Supplied complete with IR transmitter and lead, 30cm 6 pin connecting lead, alarm input connector and installation instructions
  • Fully compatible with the Voltek range of products below:
    • Volteks range of cameras with PIR movement detection including wireless
    • 1804 18m x 90 degree PIR detector
    • CT200 4-way Camera Switcher
    •  CT230 Time and Date Generator
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