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CRS200 - Three Channel Wireless Camera Receiver & Switcher

CRS200 - Three Channel Wireless Camera Receiver & Switcher

Excluding VAT

Simply plugs into the scart or phono socket of your TV/VCR and enables you to receive pictures from up to 3 cameras

  • Receive pictures from up to 3 wireless cameras
  • Fully compatible with the CA and range of wireless cameras
  • Connects directly to the TV/VCR via the scart socket or phono connector
  • Makes your CCTV system highly portable - if you want to view the camera pictures at another location, simply take the receiver and plug it into another TV/VCR
  • Permanent and multiple viewing locations are possible with additional receivers
  • Supplied complete with power supply, connecting leads and installation instructions
  • Fully compatible with the Voltek range of products below:
    • CTR210 Wideband Universal TV modulator
    • CT220 Video Activator
    • CT230 Time and Date Generator
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