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CT150 - Black and White SuperCam2 with 2-Way speech

CT150 - Black and White SuperCam2 with 2-Way speech

Excluding VAT

An external self contained B&W domestic camera with 2 way speech, built-in movement detection, microphone and audible alert. Supplied as a complete kit with 20m cable, power supply and fixings.

  • Black and white CMOS camera kit - with 2 camera capability
  • 2 way speech facility - talk to as well as listen to your visitors
  • Built-in PIR movement detector
  • Emits audible warning alert of an intruder / visitor
  • Built-in microphone
  • Manual tilt and pan capability for targeting specific surveillance areas 
  • Discreet weatherproof enclosure suitable for both external or internal use
  • Supplied as a complete kit with one camera, chime box, power supply, 20m cable, connectors and fixing kit
  • Connects directly to the TV/VCR/DVD via the scart socket
  • Fully compatible with the Voltek range of products below:
    • CTR210 Wideband Universal TV modulator
    • CT220 Video Activator
    • CT230 Time and Date Generator
    • CT251 15m Camera Extension Cable
    • CT151 OR CT161 Additional 2-way speech camera
    • 1804B-16 Additional 18m PIR (for increasing movement detection range)
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