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CT200 - 4-Way Camera Switcher

CT200 - 4-Way Camera Switcher

Excluding VAT

Allows connection of upto 4 cameras with manual and automatic switching facility between cameras as well as adjustable dwell time. Unit also has a built-in alarm trigger output.

  • Connect upto 4 Voltek CCTV cameras directly to the TV/VCR
  • Facility for both automatic as well as manual switching between each camera
  • Adjustable dwell time between cameras  - between 2 and 30 seconds
  • Built-in alarm trigger output
  • Automatically switches to camera that has detected movement (when used with PIR cameras)
  • Connects directly to the TV/VCR via the scart socket
  • Provides quick and effective solution for a multiple camera security system.
  • Supplied complete with scart cable/connector and installatiojn instructions
  • Fully compatible with the Voltek range of products below:
    • Volteks range of 'CT' cameras
    • All other security cameras when used with a Voltek universal lead kit
    • CT210 Wideband Universal TV modulator
    • CT220 Video Activator
    • CT230 Time and Date Generator
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